Rich Traditions and a Thriving Culture

Hardin County High School has a rich tradition and thriving culture that has cultivated and evolved throughout the decades.  Since students are our primary focus, our administration, faculty, and staff continue to develop new avenues of growth, academic strategies, and social support.  Among our student body, there are bonds and relationships that are developed and cherished for a lifetime, and of course, that special teacher, experience, or event that will stick with a student forever.  We make every effort to uphold HCHS as a safe, supportive, and positive environment where all students are nurtured and every staff member is a stakeholder for the highest level of service for our upcoming leaders.

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Setting the Bar High

For a rural, community school, Hardin County High School exceeds every expectation for opportunities for our students.  While we are recognized for excellence in academics and exceed local, state, and national performance standards, we are also proud to offer a plethora of opportunities including a wide range of athletics, performing arts, clubs, career and technical development, journalism, creative arts, and much more.  We also partner with the community and host many events throughout the school year.  We believe each student has an area where he/she can excel and over achieve, and we desire to kindle that gift, talent, or ability so he/she may accomplish their goals and learn new skills or life lessons that will prepare him/her for their future.

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